We offer a variety of experience in title projects, specializing in curing title defects, working through title opinion requirements, and finding heirs and missing owners through heirship research.

The principals of Lundeen & Associates Inc have been involved in the Oil & Gas industry since 1980. Brian Lundeen is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Texas and a skilled genealogist, all of which combines into extensive Oil & Gas experience with Heirship, locating recordable evidence, preparing Affidavits and tracking down mineral owners We understand that energy priorities are now driven more than ever by business demands, and resource planning has to be strategically provided wherever, and whenever, needed.

We can expand with your needs, title curative and title research, we work with oil companies, title attorneys and individuals to locate oil and gas assets for purchase, recovery, title curative, fraud, or to claim suspense funds.

We prepare Affidavits of Heirship and/or Fact that are admissible in court, backed up by verified vital records, probates and legal data.

Need full or cursory title? We have a sister company, Peach Energy & Land Services, that can tackle your needs. We Provide Solutions.

AAPL Verification

Brian Lundeen- Texas Private Investigator License No. 0076233101 Agency License A10575401