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Lundeen Investigations

Oil & Gas Mineral Title Investigations / Curative / Affidavits

Brian Lundeen- Texas Private Investigator License Nos. 76233101, 76233102, A10575401

Oil and Gas Investigative Solutions

Specializing in solutions related to the ownership of oil, gas, and mineral rights and/or other legal interests

Providing title curative, due diligence, establishment of ownership of mineral rights, genealogy, recordable evidence for courts, and oil and gas related investigative services to the energy industry.


Services include:

Locating missing persons, living or deceased, that own an interest in mineral and/or surface real estate properties, using public records and computer databases only available to investigators.

Locating individuals that have personal knowledge of the history of deceased persons, obtain sworn affidavits from those individuals that meet State and local requirements for filing said instruments of public record and/or for legal proceedings 

Locating and obtaining record-able copies of certified/exemplified vital records, marriage certificates, divorce records, probates, Social Security applications, US census records, and other admissible evidence for the purpose of meeting legal requirements of State and Federal courts in receivership cases and/or for the purpose of curing title of record.

Working as a agent for clients with the State and Operators for the release of escheated funds.

Providing internal and external investigations of employees or private contractors in the energy industry, post/pre employment 

Providing background checks as required

Assisting client attorneys by providing attorney work product investigations in high level acquisition and divestitures and due diligence cases


Texas Private Investigations- Oil & Gas

Over 20 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry

Over 20 years experience in Genealogy Research

  • American Association of Petroleum Landman (AAPL)
  • Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI)
  • Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)